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Inventory Management

IBIS uses smartphone cameras as barcode scanners to easily track, manage, and audit inventory. Each scanned item is directly loaded into reports that are immediately available for approved stakeholders to view. Our site crews and transportation specialists are all equipped with IBIS applications making asset tracking seamless during implementation, decommission, or storage project phases.


IBIS automatically updates project documents- our partners have complete information of the location and movement of their assets in real-time or historically. Inventory auditing has become effortless, accurate, and immediate.


Real-Time Data

IBIS believes that mistakes should be visible and success should be celebrated. IBIS creates an unprecedented level of project management transparency. IBIS sets a new standard in project communication with a social media format for assigning tasks, reporting work done, and getting information to and from the decision makers. If the work is being done close to home or across the globe, when the task has started and completed, you know if there is a problem or delay.

If changes occur, you know. Photo documentation, with automated client-specific formatting and sizing, is uploaded directly from smartphones into the IBIS photo center for immediate review or verification.

This means that progress at every stage of the project is visible to clients and partners on a real-time basis. The results of IBIS-standardized processes and project management transparency speak for themselves: 70% fewer return site visits, versatile and effective change management, and multi- level problem solving when issues occur.


Remote Crew Management

IBIS answers all of these questions directly from the smartphone application allowing for personnel management to occur in real-time. This eliminates the inefficiencies of call-in crew reporting and means that we can easily reorganize and redirect teams in response to changing needs and priorities.

The location, status, and work history of each crew member are visible on a map and accessible 24-hours a day. IBIS remote crew management has reduced the need for return site visits by 70% and this directly translates into cost and resource efficiency for all involved.


Project Management

IBIS is an enterprise project management application that revolutionizes remote project management. Reduces complexity, time and money, by streamlining project communication from on-site smartphone technology to an online project management software platform, our partners can view the status of every project anytime, anywhere. IBIS provides real-time information, images, and reporting needed to make informed and collaborative decisions.

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